Workbench – Part 2 – Joining all elements together


One day I decided to put all workbench elements together. Having everything prepared, I just had to drill holes for dowels and glue it all together. Well, it turns out not that simple in the end. I planned to do it all in 2 hours. It turns out over 4 with few stress moments.

I bought the dowel rods made out of beech in various sizes. This way I had everything to assemble.

img_0941 Had no problems with drilling. First time in life did this type of joinery. Of course I drilled the hole with 2-3 mm offset. This way the peg could pull both pieces together.


Gluing wasn’t a big problem. The biggest challenge was time. So many elements with few surfaces to put glue on. I need some more experience in this.


Assembling it all together

Serious problem occurred just before midnight. I was mounting the bench top on leg mortises. It did block somehow. I couldn’t complete the fitting. I couldn’t move the top either way. Time was running out, and glue started to do its job.  Even jumping on the half way mounted top didn’t help (perhaps I should gain so weight then). All the noise due to jumping and hammering had awakened my Wife. obviously she wasn’t “happy”.

Then I realized that I have pipe clamps. I quickly grab one and use it to clamp top with bottom stretcher. It went so easy that I was shocked.

End result:

  1. Except one, all dowels were placed correctly.
  2. Squareness of the bench was (surprisingly, only) 1-2 mm offset against.
  3. Properly pissed Wife the following day.

However the main result and my success is my workbench. Build by myself and just with hand tools – massive workbench. The only thing I use electricity in this project was the lighting and music. I hope it will serve me for at least few years.


Next stages:

  • workbench “well” mounting
  • top flattening
  • mounting the vices
  • drilling dog holes

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