Workbench – part 1

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When few years ago I thought about woodworking I didn’t know pretty much anything about workbench. I didn’t know how basic this tool is for every woodworker. A must have! A tool that will support you in your everyday projects for years.

Why I need workbench?

Not surprisingly, when I started woodworking I didn’t have any. I had  a table in garage but it was full of faults:

  • Not flat, bit twisted therefore during using hand plane it was difficult to get flat surface
  • Was too low
  • Wasn’t stable – working with chisel or saw end up in lots of vibrations.

Due to above, my work at that time was not precise enough, it involved fixes and took more time to complete- not fun.

Will I make it without power tools?

When I was visiting traditional woodworking blogs and vlogs people always suggest to build your workbench by yourself. They were also showing how to do it without power tools.


Even cutting 14×6 inches top wasn’t an issue when using correct technique.

At beginning it looked really difficult mainly due to size of the bench. You could assume that without power tools you can’t simply cut the bench top to its final width. However after viewing so many movies about how to do your workbench just by hand tools, I treated this as a challenge which I should take.


Transport was probably the most difficult.

Knowledge vs practice

I decided to build my first workbench out of pine – budget option in terms of material. In terms of tools I had to buy quite few of them. It enables me to correctly build this workbench. Let’s say I did not pick the budget option when it came to the tools.
I found out how important is the experience shortly after gluing smaller part of bench-top. It turns out that knowledge is not enough. I got twist, because I was in hurry. I couldn’t stand fresh lumber just laying like that in the shop.


First gluing in my life. When I spot that twist it was too late. It cost me a lot of time with plane to fix it.

More about my workbench in next posts from this series:



Bench-top before planing. It turned out larger and heavier than I had planned.