Traditional woodworking – who inspire me?


Paul Sellers, Tom Fidgen, Christopher Schwarz, Richard Maguire. These are the main woodworkers who inspire, teach and motivate me. They show, you can build fine furniture just with hand tools and correct techniques.

Paul Sellers

He has blog and YT channel. Woodworker with over 40 years experience from Oxford area. He uses only hand tools (in his movies). He shares his knowledge and techniques. Mr. Sellers is the one who inspired me to build my workbench out of pine. He does also a courses for people who would like to learn about woodworking. One of his courses is on my list to do.

Mr. Sellers has also a premium channel on his website. For few dollars per month you receive access to all videos he did. I haven’t yet tried it, but hope to check this one in nearest future.

Christopher Schwarz

Chris is from US. He is author of the “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest”, book which I would like to add to my collection. He has blog, and some of his videos can be found on vimeo or YT. One of my favorites videos is the Anarchist’s Tool Chest where he shows few forgotten hand tools. Chris has inspired me to build one day the saw-bench. You can find plans here.

Chris has also inspired me to build tool chest – Anarchist’s Tool Chest of course. With such chest, I will be able to do some work outside my shop. I plan to build this chest for next summer.

Tom Fidgen

Creator of The Unplugged Woodshop. I know him from his YT channel.  His channel was different from the other ones. Tom wasn’t just guide you step by step through the project. His movies shows how artistically Tom treats what he does. Additionally Tom is composer, and uses his own songs as a background in his movies. Of course these are unplugged songs.

Tom inspire me with his perfectionism, caring about the details and his sense of proportions in his designs.

Richard Maguiresite

Known as  The English Woodworker. He is from England. In his movies, you can find simplicity in a good way. He shows how simple and precise, at the same time, a project can be made.  On his YT channel you can find bunch of movies. Not that many, but enough to like Richard and realize he knows what he’s talking about.

Richard recently changed his way he teaches others. He is no longer publish new movies on YT. Rather than that, he opened his premium channel on his website. I did purchase one of his premium videos and I must say, the knowledge you gain there is worth the price.

That would be all about who inspire me regarding traditional woodworking with usage of hand tools only. There are other people I follow, who use also power tools. About my favorites in another post.

Who inspire you?