Tool wall DIY


There is always a time where you have too many tools for the place where you can store them. I had enough my tools everywhere in the shop. It was time to build proper tool wall.

Few years ago I was fascinated by all youtubers, who did everything out of plywood and construction lumber. They also use all these useful power tools in their shops. At that time, I did build below tool wall. A friend of mine, who is carpenter, helped me to do all the plywood cuts. My job was mainly to assemble it all together.

The result was very useful tool wall where you can mess with tool layout as you want.

Over two years however, nothing has changed on this wall. Pretty much all tool hang, as they were originally placed. So why complicate things with french cleat system? It looks cool, and as long you change the layout often, it make sense.  For me, it was just collecting dust and it was too much work to build it (especially now, only with hand tools). So I did not go that way this time. I built my tool wall as more traditional one. It is  over 3 meters long and 1.25 meter tall. Hope it will fit most of my future tools too.

Size of the entire wall, forced me to build it in sections. So there are three sections each around 1.1 meter wide and 1.25 tall. Together, they create quite a surface for all the hand tools.

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Main  parts have been built out of 12mm plywood. Plywood has been attached to the wall with usage of two pine boards. Why like this? Why not just attach plywood directly to the wall? There are two reasons. First – humidity in my garage force me to keep all things away from walls, so they can be dry. Second – the space between plywood and concrete will accommodate long screws. It will help to hang bit heavier things on the plywood.

Each section, has frame made out of pine board painted to dark color. It looks quite OK in the end.

Completed tool wall with bottom shelf - very useful.

Completed tool wall with bottom shelf – very useful.

For now my tool wall is half empty (hot half full). There is still plenty of space for new tools and all the accessories. Few people suggested to draw each tool around with marker or something like that. Perhaps it looks cool, but for me seems not practical. For now, there is nothing wrong with my memory so I know where to hang back my tools.

Where do you store your hand tools?

  • It’s alway good idea to hang everythink on the wall and tidy up and i doing this at least once in a month 😉 BTW polish version of your blog its not working well. ther’s a problem with comments and social plugins! Chears!

    • BanaSyl

      Hi Michał
      Thanks for the comment. I’m not aware of any problems with comments or socials. I did test it and all seems to be fine. Also I did received few comments and all works well.