Problem with handsaw


Few weeks ago I bought these two handsaws. Since first cut I had massive problem. Saw was pulling left. No matter if I was using rip or cross cut saw, it was the same. At the beginning I thought it’s my fault. Until then I’d been using mainly Japanese saws. I’d suspected that, used to pull saw, I was doing something wrong. These are my first real western saws. So what was the cause and how did I fix it?

These are budget options for saws like PAX or other top producers. Saws like these, ca be resharpened. I bought two for crosscut (the shorter one) and for rip-cuts (longer one). The handles are fine.

When I started using them for a project I noticed the problem with longer cuts. After few inches saw started to bend to the left side, through the board I was cutting. From the side I was looking at the board, everything was fine. But when I looked at the bottom side, the cut line was off the mark like by 1/8 of an inch.

The more I was sawing the worse it become. I did try different grips. I did try to saw left hand. Same result. So I stopped using them for almost two weeks.


You can see how imperfect the cut was.

Then, last Friday, I had to saw an almost 2 inch thick oak board. It forced me to rethink the problem and search for resolution. And I found it here. It turns out that, as most of the hand tools, you should check and setup every new hand tool you buy. So the main reason why it was wandering left was an issue with the saw sharpening or set in factory.

Solution? Use stone on the saw side into which it wanders/pulls. So in my case it was pulling left. I used my 160/320 grit stone and make 5 passes on left side of saw teeth. Straight after that I did make a test. Results were massive. It was still wandering left, but as before. So I repeated stoning of the left side (again 5 passes) and another test.

This time all was fine. Saw cut perfectly straight along the grain. Simple 2 minutes fix has given me faith in purchase of these saws. Nor rip cuts are pure pleasure and, what is more important,  they are accurate. Saws do their job now!

Straight rip cuts after the fix.

Straight rip cuts after the fix.

Now I would just need proper saw bench!